What is the magical mind? What is magic?
Magic is manifestation of things beyond the edge of our normal understanding. For that reason, it seems “supernatural”, mysterious, mystical, unreal. On the other hand, later, after it is understood and explained it is no longer magic. It is Nature and Natural.

We can receive messages, — magical messages from the magical mind, for that is a mind that exists above us as well as within us It can be unlocked by setting aside our accustomed and conventional mind, while entering into the realm of silence, peace and harmony, — quietly awaiting.

I have discovered that it is “Attention” that vivifies. It lights ups what it alight s upon. Conversely, when attention goes away, life and light are also gone.

And so — when attention is taken away from the physical body, the body disappears (except to the attention of others!). When we let our emotions fade they disappear into peace; – when we ignore mind chatter and outside noise even ordinary consciousness is gone, and we are enfolded into a still and expectant mind. Our channel is open; the “cup” atop our head faces up and is ready to receive messages from ON-High.

These are the messages from the magical mind.

Here (and in the future) I will bring some of my own received messages, and comment on them for more understanding, and for your comments as well, if you are moved to reply.

One day I saw the Creator, — and said, “Oh Divine Essence”:

I saw the Creator creating out of Its own Substance, – creating manifestation, joy, and bliss. As He(She/That) did so, each materialization had a consciousness of its own, reflecting back to the Creator, knowing and realizing the Creator, realizing It in the joy of its own existence, –and on the human level, realizing it with a full and reflective consciousness. This is the cosmic scheme of creation:
The Creator creating from Itself — the Creator Who is Consciousness, — creating by applying a portion of Itself to Its progeny — applying consciousness by appointing a bit of itself called attention/consciousness to the product. And then in turn the created manifestation reflects its realization/attention/consciousness back to the existence of the Creator It is a round-robin affair. It is the dynamic circle and sphere of ever-continuing existence.

The Creator can be visualized as a huge Sun – a Sphere, radiating from Itself new spheres which radiate back to the Creator, their own joy of existence, thus allowing the Creator Itself to enjoy the joy of Its Creations — and nothing is lost in the Original. A ray sets forth from the Second Creation creating yet Another Sun of the Same Sphere and Size, and Nothing Is Lost — – and on and on..

Or one might consider that the Original Sphere, radiates not only outward but also within, generating ever new progeny, — each with its same potential, each growing in size to the Creator’s size, while yet the Original remains quite the same.

How impossible this Sounds,-but only to a limited Mind which lives within limitation. For after All the Creator exists in another Dimension where there is no dimension, — only Extremity and Infinitude and Spacelessness, which means infinitude of space and dimension. And so it goes

This is how it is with each of us, — each of us is a creator; each of us feels our exultation in Being and Living and Existing __ and in Creating. Then we reflect that joy of being, back to the Creator Itself when we exult in the joy of beng, and the joy of appreciating our Spiritual Source.

It is a round-robin affair. It is the scheme of God’s creation.

And then “Oh Divine Essence”:
Realizing the scheme of consciousness creating itself and feeling joy in each manifestation, I felt such love for “Oh Divine Essence” — such love for each of its creations: the roach, the flight, the ant — each exulting in it existence, exulting in its “I am”, in its “I am the creator”, – for each is a creator in its own sphere..

But insofar as I say all of this, I am even more than the creator! I enfold the Creator in my own consciousness, — and at the same time, in this vast existence, — this vast, vast existence, I am but a small particle.
I am the one, I am both.

And so I, as the creator, have envisioned this Plan. As a Creator, I see the entire universe, nay the Cosmos, — and insofar as I see it, I have surrounded it, I have engulfed it, incorporated it, created it from myself, – so that I am more, and yet at the same time I am but a particle, an Infinitude of smallness within this vast creation.

I am the one. I am the both.

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Energy medicine is the new face of medicine in which we understand that everything is based upon frequencies. If we observe any cell down to the nucleus and its constituents far enough, we arrive at the electron. The electron is but a system of waves, frequencies. Interestingly enough, they precipitate from a state of potential (wave frequencies) to material when they are observed. This is the potent discovery made by Heisenberg not very long ago. From a clinical point of view, one may note that wherever we put our attention, that lives. If we look at something straight-forwardly, it is vivid; from the side or the periphery, it is vague; from behind, it does not exist. Uniting that with the Heisenberg Principle, we see that it really becomes an actuality, an actuality which is better understood when we begin to see that a word may jump out of the page if it denotes the particular interest that we are searching, the information which we are seeking. So it works in personality. Where we put our attention (interest), that flows with a better product. Psychologists are interested in (have attention for) things which are of the intellect and the heart. Football players are more interested in things which are muscular.

If we unite that information about wave frequencies with medicine and psychology, we can easily note that everything is based upon rhythm. All disorder is dysrhythmia, out of rhythm. Flow is due to synchrony, harmony, and the rhythm which is harmonious.

How does that apply to hypnosis and other miracles? The fact is that we are precipitated energy. This means, as has been denoted in the study of Eastern philosophy as well as modern-day physics, that we have within us, or we are precipitated from, an origin which denotes that we have seven levels of descending order of frequency. The topmost level is that of the Creator, the Void, Potential. When Potential decides to move, there is a downflow of energy, of decreasing frequency through seven levels. The fourth level is the level that I call the Soul or, in Sanskrit, Buddhi. The Soul is the delegate of the creative spirit. The Soul precipitates from itself, like a spider a web, bodies of lower frequencies: the first being the mental body (the thought body), the second, the emotional or astral body, and the last the physical body–us. There is reason to believe that the Source of All Potential is actually Consciousness, and if we understand that the universe itself is built upon the principle of the hologram, in which each part contains the whole and is a part of the whole, then we understand, too, that we are not only a part of the Creator but we are creators ourselves. Consciousness (in accompaniment with Love and Light) is the Creative Source. This is is shown by the fact that each constituent atom knows where to go to join its counterpart to make the molecule oxygen. Each molecule of oxygen knows where to go to join with hydrogen to make water. This orderliness is present throughout the universe, indicating a kind of intelligence or consciousness. The relevance of this schema of consciousness to clinical behavior and clinical expression is that there is a bounce back from the nadir of physicality through ascending levels of intelligence, from mineral to plant to animal to high animal to animal human to high human (us) and moving up to the next development, the next race of men/women in our journey of return to the Source.

Putting all of this together with hypnosis, we can note that where we put our attention, that lives. In going into hypnosis (or meditation which is very similar), we find that we make the body so comfortable that it all but disappears from our attention. The next is that if we let our emotions calm down, they, too, will subside in near disappearance. Similarly, if we let our thought disturbances, our mind chatter, float away, we arrive at a place called peace, silence, easy bliss. This is the residence of the Soul and it is, in fact, a portal to the higher mind, the cosmic mind, the Source mind from which inspiration flows.

Getting back to hypnosis, we might note that we, during induction, help the patient to relax the body and to let the emotions calm down. Next, mind chatter flows away, opening the patient to access to a realm of peace, silence and miracles, such as inspiration or physical acts which are far beyond the normal. Super-athletic performance occurs when one gets into the Zone. Performance becomes easy, flowing and often beyond what had formerly been expected to be the limit. Much of the inventive genius of Einstein and Edison came from their being in a similar state of intuitive receptiveness as in meditation or its equivalent,–hypnosis.

Unquestionably we emanate the very energy that we contain and of which we are made. This is evidenced in the fact that we can record these energies in an electrocardiogram or an electroencephalogram, and nowadays, a magneto-encephalogram (which measures magnetic energy rather than electrical energy) giving us even further definition and knowledge. The fact is that we are fields of energy interacting and interchanging with other fields. As we induce the hypnotic trance, we do so by not only instructing the patient but also by exchanging our mutual energies. I have observed that if the hypnotherapist will allow himself/herself to go into the semi-trance state while being, of course, attentive at the same time, a more powerful effect arrives on the scene.

This, then, is the schema of energy medicine as it defines how we are created and how we create.

It is denoted in this diagram of The Plan of Creation and Return and gives us an opening to understand not only how hypnosis works but also how we may become the receptors of inspired knowledge and the creators of magical events.

Maurie D. Pressman, M. D.

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The Unfolding Scroll of God

The Unfolding Scroll of God

Picture a scroll perpetually unfolding, on and on, and within that scroll are many scrolls, each perpetually unfolding, and within these mini-scrolls, others all the way down through a hall of mirrors. That is God unfolding. That is everlasting, ever-increasing potential and creation.

Picture the ocean made of molecules. Picture each molecule as containing the ocean itself. Picture each ocean containing many molecules and each molecule containing an ocean and on and on and on. And that is the picture of creation: everlasting, ever ongoing.

It seems incomprehensible or, better, beyond comprehension. But that is because we are living in one frame of reference and this other, larger, all encompassing, all creating realm is beyond our ordinary comprehension. As we surrender the ordinary, as in dream imagination, free intuition, we begin to sense, in a sense, this larger, awesome, thrilling, ever-creating picture. We conceive ourselves as micro-mini in this great Vastness until we know that within ourselves we are the very thing of which we are so much in awe. It is a miracle. It is wondrous. It is the way things are.

When we are told that we are Divine, it seems like a bunch of words. But when we realize the new discoveries in our world, such as the hologram, it makes more and more sense. The hologram is such that each part contains everything and yet is contained in everything. It is like the molecule in the ocean. Which is the ocean? Which is the molecule. It is the human cell. The cell is a complete city within itself, yet can only live as a part of the whole human body. Everything in the universe is constructed and functions like that – all in one, one in all. And so it is as we transcend and ascend as a society – with the realization of our power and the power of our togetherness in the joy of Love.

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Revelation Realization

Revelation Realization

In meditation:
I became truly nothing but creative energy. As I said the prayer:
“I am a point of light within a greater light.
I am a strand of energy within the loving stream of love divine.
I am a way by which men may achieve,”

I realized that I am a stream, a spiral, a whirlpool of energy creating, infusing, doing all of these things. I create my world. My world is thus only the creation I create. I am, in that sense, real but not real. I will have pain but it is not pain. I have created it. I can, therefore, surmount it, uncreate it. I will pass away from this body and be soul to soul, but I am already. I will lose this body. I will not only be soul to soul, but pure ananda energy everywhere, all a pool, a vast, vast, vast pool of ananda energy, silence and bliss, with no loss of relationship but only love relationship. I can recreate these spiritual bodies and have person to person, soul to soul relationships if I wish. I believe that I’ve always been this way at bottom and within. That is the reason that I have been what is called a ploy or a sucker, for I expect people to respond to goodness, to love, to favors, to friendship and, in terms of the material world, I have been taken in. But throughout, I have surmounted what are called those setbacks. In the end the energy and expectation of love that we are, emanates and has its healing effect its love effect. Now I realize that that was not weakness. That was love power and I am glad.

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Peace Is Being


I have two patients, both very accomplished and very bright men, and both in mid-life. The one came to see me from afar. He was contentious, wondering why, and this and that. In spite of my best efforts, he remained that way. I wondered why he continued to come and even suggested that it might not be worth it. Was this the time to stop coming? He then reflected, went into a deep state of inner inspection, and said (remembering a previous interpretation and vivid insight), “Maybe I am still expecting you to know me, whether I tell you or not; to take care of me in that way, and I get mad at you when you don’t. Maybe that’s the kind of love that I really want.”

COMMENT: That was a great insight, and was achieved during his period of silence, a thing in which he did not often engage. He was a man in a hurry, in life and in his sessions. One thing after another: entertaining, sometimes brilliant, but very rushed, anything but in a state of “being”. Yet he did go into a state of being, quiet introspection, deep introspection, and came up with this insight, which I knew was correct because I joined him intuitively. I felt not only relieved but a quiet joy of realization. But then he tended to cover it over again by speaking quickly of other things, getting away from the state of being, a continuous kind of defense. Yet he had achieved that state of being for that moment of insight, and I had joined him in the Superconsciousness, by recognizing it intuitively, and with a quiet exultation of joining the truth.

The other patient I had known very long. He too was a man in a hurry. He had a very big heart and quite a capacity for spiritual giving and even spiritual insight. It was the hardest thing for him to go into his place of being. He avoided looking me in the eye. He avoided deep and close relations, though he had many friends and many people who pursued him because of his special qualities.
One day I insisted that he look me in the eye. He tried and failed, and tried again. I suggested that he examine the feeling he was having, He noted his discomfort, and again I asked him to find out what made him uncomfortable. This took some time, and considerable effort on my part to foil his brilliant and even interesting distractions. But he did and it became clear to him and to me (and again I had the “aha” joy of joining him in truth) that he was afraid that he would lose his identity. He would have to spend his life doing things my way rather than to follow his own interests. This was a thrilling insight for indeed he had spent his childhood life pleasing his father and then and even currently the causes which he compulsively undertook and the staff who followed him. He longed to have a less responsible life in which he could write his discoveries and make spiritually based movies. Later this was expanded when he learned (in his relationship with me, the transference, if you will) that he was afraid that if he got too close to me he would have to do things my way or I would be hurt, and he couldn’t stand that. That was the standard-bearer for his life. His leitmotif.

COMMENT: Such insights are found in the deeper self, a self that joins with the Superconsciousness above. The therapist travels down with the patient, but not only inside the patient, but inside the therapist him/herself. There they join. And always – deeper is higher. The deep portions are a channel to the surrounding Superconsciousness which surrounds and transfuses both patient and therapist.

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Mind Levels

Mind Levels

We live on many mind levels at once. It is easy to understand that we have a conscious mind and a pre-conscious mind (the vestibule, where we forget but can easily remember again) and an unconscious mind.

As we relax the mind as in meditation or daydreams or dreams themselves, we proceed further inward to other levels of mind. The deeper we go the higher we go, into and nearer the High Mind.

So it is with understanding dreams or meditations. We reflect and go inward to gain intuitive access to the meaning, or use dream-interpretation techniques.

With this in mind, let me invite you to understand my interpretation of a meditation I had and had posted.

Being Forgetting

It seems that forgetting is the space between thoughts and feelings. It is more than not remembering. It is a confrontation with the essence of blankness, of nothingness, which is Allness. Blankness/Blackness.

It may seem strange at first to attribute anything to “forgetting” other than some brain-block or brain damage. But I say in my interpretation, that when one forgets so completely there is access to the Higher Mind. Why? Because then the material mind (which is always an obstruction, or at least a partial one) is all the way, out of the way. We are in that state of complete rest, except that: one is also aware of the forgetting and struggles to get back to the material (lower) realm.

A colleague of mine, upon reading the meditation, had the same feeling of “aha” that I had.

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The Hologram – Value It


The hologram is familiar to all of us as the 3-dimensional ghost at Disneyworld, or the 3-dimensional photo on the credit card.

The hologram is constructed in such a way that each part contains everything, and each part is contained in everything. This is illustrated by projecting a holographic photo. If you cut the “negative” into 128 parts and beam light through that part, you get a whole picture – not a fragment.

The implications of this are quite marvelous, especially when applied to people, — us. And – it is applicable to people because everything in the universe is built upon this plan – including us. So – see what it means. It means that I am in you and you are in me. I cry when you lose some loved one. I prosper when you love me. We are united most intimately with each other, on the personal level and the nation/government level.

Think what it would mean if people/ we could really realize this. And we can as we let ourselves get to know each other, intimately, and to know ourselves intimately.

Will Rogers (famous philosopher) used to say, “I never met a man I didn’t like.” I too have had that experience, but – only after I took time to study my prejudice and got to know the other person.

This I believe is true of all off us.

As wee grow and strive to become better people, we rise in mind to the divine mind within; a mind which is our natural inheritance. The Supermind.

In line with this, look at this excerpt from my book, “Living in the Supermind.”

What is the Supermind?

“Supermind is the highest level of mind, close to the Creator. Sri Aurobindo has spoken of the Supermind as God’s vast realm. The Supermind is highly elevated plane of mind and personality, at once within us and around us. It is the locale of goodness and altruism. It is the storehouse of the vast powers of Nature that we contain. It is our potential.”

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Our Very Fast Society

Things have become very speedy: people, activities and requirements. This brings certain advantages: young people seem very smart, the inventions of the internet are mind-bogglingly wonderful. We have a richness of information at hand at all times, not only abundant but almost infinite. Any question can be answered in short order by Siri or on Google. The very names of activities, start-ups and even people indicate the independence of a free people and the confidence to start new things.

On the other hand speed keeps us on the surface. We are walking on water without water skies. But — we seem to have trouble sinking in. Sinking into thinking deeply, or even becoming familiar with our inner selves.

I was speaking to a very valued friend who is bringing some pretty interesting discoveries to bear in the field of energy medicine. He was telling me about his latest thinking and mentioned that he was inspired by an experience with aroma therapy. It was powerful he said. I asked how it made him feel. His answer stopped at “good.” But I had him explore further by asking him to examine how it feels when he feels good. It was hard for him to define any further borders. He is so intelligent and a deep and creative thinker. But he eschews the inner world, which is the world of feeling and fine feelings. These subtle feelings (the ones easily overlooked) are where the power lies. This is where we can call upon intuition, or knowing each other by empathic identification.

It is all veiled over in our oh so speedy society.

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Bliss of Being

Absolute Bliss of Being

These days I surrender to a good night’s sleep and, in the morning, climb into the bath and fall into the absolute bliss of being. There is a silent buzz, by which I mean a kind of sensation which is non-physical tingling. It’s not translatable but one can try a good taste in the mouth—the kind of thing accompanied by absolute inertness of the body and a strong reluctance to return to the heaviness of the world. This is the silent bliss, the background of being from which everything arises.

Accordingly, in meditation this morning, I received various pictures and became aware of them as an afterthought, meaning I momentarily realized that this was a dream, such as a clip gathering several pages on which were written fonts. These arose without my knowing it and from a background, I suppose, as if coming from outside of me, as Aurobindo would say. Certainly, I didn’t try to make them and that’s how it is.

I also discovered how sneaky and subtle one’s ego desires can be. I have this insistant desire to lecture to a small group or to have people know what I know or to have them realize and want the beauties of introspection and, while I call that my desire to serve the world or share what I know, it is really an ego desire.

So—I go through life simply waiting for the next instruction. Not my will, but Thine, O Lord.

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A Taste of Being

A Taste of Being

I visioned a yogurt cup which was very old. I opened it and there was a growth of mold like a spider’s web. I knew at that moment that each constituent yeast cell had the same joy of being that I have–the same desire to live on and to eat and to multiply and then to fade.

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Leaving Self-Consciousness Behind

Leaving Self-Consciousness Behind

“In meditation, or in any activity where we surrender the self-conscious to openness, we …. come into a realm of quietude; we receive from a higher place, the All-Mind.”
From my book “Living in the Supermind.”

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Psychology is On Top

Today I hear Alan Greenspan, who for years had been in charge of the money supply of this country, say that he had been wrong all of these years because he had thought that economic behavior was only objective. He has now come to admit that he was wrong for ten years and advocates the new “behavioral genetics.” This is a matter of taking people’s emotions into account and factoring thems into economic traditions of expectations. What a great step forward. Psychology is, and personality is, as always, supreme.

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Love’s Longing For Itself

Love’s Longing for Itself.

I have a patient, well married, well constructed, smart and effective but, like most of us, not completely fulfilled in her marriage. Nor am I. There is something left over. There was a time in her life, as there is in the lives of so many of us, where she found a complete union of soul by looking into the eyes of a most intimate friend with whom she grew up and with whom she stayed close through the years. But this particular time of togetherness, aloneness togetherness, she looked into his eyes and they turned a deep blue, a glistening illuminated blue, a blue which was almost an everlasting tube to somewhere afar. This memory of this moment never left and when this lifelong companion left his physical body, she was torn by pain in her heart which never left and which continues until this day when we talked together in empathic union. And through her, it came to me that she was not longing for her friend. She was longing for the self that she was, the high self that he/she were together. She was longing for the pathway through him and through their togetherness through the tunnel into the Ananda (grand joy), God of the Heaven, the altogether togetherness that we will live as we grow, as we ascend as person and society. It is as the ancients have said, “Sat chit ananda,” Being, Consciousness, Joy which is our essence and our all around both at the same time, both together. This is love’s longing for itself. This is love longing for God, for Union.

Love’s Longing for Itself

Love’s longing for itself, ever seeking. Love’s longing for itself, ever growing. Love’s longing for itself, ever ascending, slowly like a jack-in-the-box, spring upon spring, plate upon plate, areflecting mirror of glory and glorying, effulgent, each plate of the ascending jack reflecting the other, reflecting fulgent glory, reflecting hunger and need, a need to grow and to fulfill what is yet unfulfilled. It doesn’t matter how much the presence. The magnitude of Love’s longing for itself is longing itself because it is so largely magnificent that it is ineffably unfillable—but fully and fully gloryfull.

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I am thinking about the teenage boy who, during a drunk driving episode, killed four people. His defense is that he suffers from affluenza. It is easy to understand what is
meant by the term: overly great wealth, overly easy acquisition, overly satisfied wants, all these things leading to a weakening of inner discipline and strengthening of the impulsive self, the self degrading self.

I contend that this illness of affluenza applies to our society itself in the United States. After world war two we became preeminent in the world; we became wealthy, we raised our children so that they would have when we didn’t have and what our own parents didn’t have. This desire was born out of love but love without discipline turns into do-goodism. We have raised a generation of the sorcerer’s apprentice, people who feel they know what they don’t know, who have unbridled instincts, and therefore cannot be satisfied. I believe that this is very much tied up with the epidemic of guns and violence in our society. It can only be cured by a kind of spiritual discipline by which I mean an inner discipline striving for control, self-control, and the pursuit of love. The pursuit of love not only for oneself and one’s own, but for society’s others, with all of its rewards in tow.

II can speak from experience. I was a spoiled child. I was loved by and indulged by my mother. I had a big head and inpatient wants. It was quite another matter when I went out into the world. They didn’t love me automatically. Nor did they like my arrogance. It was a hard journey to overcome these wants, but very rewarding. My spiritual path certainly helped me to aspire, and to look up to others, and to helping others. The rewards were and are mighty.

What is true of my path is, I believe, true for our nation.

Fundamentalists can also be spoiled in their self-righteous beliefs. Theyinhibit empathy and therefore love of others. Their fundamentalism is the opposite of true religion – and in its way equivalent to affluenza.

Let us follow the middle path – and in so doing, look on all sides to find our very real commonality with others and, indeed, with all of God’s creations.

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I was shocked and saddened to hear that the young leader of North Korea, Ki Jong Un, executed his former mentor and uncle. This is so soon after Kim’s ascension to power, so soon after his ascension, to unleash the evil of power; si unaffected by the bonds of family and humanity and former association. Power corrupts – absolutely. Look at Syria – the uncaring killing of his own subjects by Asad, the use of chemical poisoning of his own people – indiscriminately.
I remember Elizabeth Kubler Ross telling me (us) that there is a Hitler in everyone. WE must be on guard. More than that – we must recognize that evil and transmute it into its opposite.

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